Grower meetings and information


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Water Coalition Annual Grower Meetings

The Coalition will be holding a series of grower meetings during the months of January and February to help growers meet the requirement of attending at least one Coalition meeting per year. (12 month period between July 1 and June 30).  These meetings should be attend by those who are operating and making the management decisions for the farming operation.  This year the coalition will be offering an online option for meeting this requirement. 

Annual Grower meetings information page.  

Farm Evaluation Plans

Farm Evaluation Plans will be arriving in the mail during the month of January.  We will be having someone from the Coalition available during the months of January and February to assist in filling out the evaluation plans.  Times will be posted in January when and where assistance will be available

Farm Evaluation Plan information Page

Nitrogen Management plans

All growers must have a Nitrogen Management Plan developed and on the farm by June 15 for the growing season.  A Nitrogen Management Plan Template will be sent out to growers in January which growers can use to fulfill the requirements of this regulation if they do not already have a plan developed.  Growers in high vulnerability areas for groundwater must have their plans certified.

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