Nitrogen Management Plans Information and Assistance

The following is information to help in completing the Nitrogen Management Plans that every grower must complete for all his irrigated acres. Nitrogen Management Plans for 2017 have to be completed and kept on file at the farming operations headquarters by later than June 15, 2017.  For growers in high vulnerability areas, the plans for 2016 must be certified by a Certified Crop Advisor who has taken the Nitrogen Management class from the California Department of Food and Agriculture OR a grower can take a self certification class (see below) offered by the Coalition to certify their nitrogen management plans. 

High and Low Vulnerability Areas 

High and low vulnverability areas were determined by the Ground Water Assessment Report (GAR) that the Coalition completed and turned into the Regional Board in April of 2015. Below is the GAR and its appedix. 

Ground Water Assessment Report

Ground Water Assessment Report Appendix

Map of High Vulnerability Areas for Groundwater

Nitrogen Management Forms

Member Web Portal - Log into your online member web portal to fill out and submit Nitrogen Plans, see your invoice, check to make sure all your paperwork has been filed.  If you need to sign up for access, click the "Sign Up" button on the login page. 

Below are the form you can print out and send in by mail

(These are fillable pdf forms but cannot be save)

Nitrogen management Plan (kept on farm, not submitted to the Coalition)

Nitrogen Management Plan Summary Report (submitted to the Coalition by growers in High Vulnerable areas)

Nitrogen Management Parcel inventory Sheet

Nitrogen Management Plan Excel Spreadsheet

Nitrogen Management Plan Crop Inventory List

Need Assistance in filling out the form? 

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Nitrogen Management Grower Self Certification Classes and Continuing Education Classes

These classes are being offered to allow growers to self certify their nitrogen management plans.  Only growers in High Vulnerability areas as determined by the groundwater assessment report have to certify their nitrogen management plans. 

Classes are 4 hour classes with a test at the end of the class to obtain your self certification.  You must RSVP to attend the class.  Classes will be held:

Click here to sign up for the classes

This link is for the Nitrogen Management Class Presentation that will be give at the classes.  DO NOT PRINT IT OUT.  The Coalition will supply you with a binder with this presentation in it. 

Nitrogen Management Class Presentation

Click here for the Continuing Education Classes for the Nitrogen Self Certification Program